Sunday, April 26, 2009

Part of the Family - 1

I was saving this photo to blog for a cold and rainy day. Yes, I know it is now spring, almost summer for us Texans. Then tonight I was blog surfing and came across Junkologie – AND there was the twin to my grandfather’s telephone table. I guess that is what it’s called; it always had a telephone sitting on the top shelf and the telephone book sitting underneath at my grandparent’s house. I never thought I would have it, I mean; it wasn’t on my list of antiques I wanted from their home when they died. However, I think I ended up with the best of everything. I have several pieces from their house, my dad probably thought my requests were strange but nonetheless, I wanted the cookie jar that my grandmother kept not only cookies but gum in it, the crock that I hit my head on and ended up with stitches and her melmac dishes. As I dig through my boxes, I’ll snap photos and share my family history.

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  1. How fun is that? We have twin telephone tables!! I'm so glad to find your blog!


    P.S. That white box in my post is called enamelware. My fave is the white with the black trim, though I've seen it with blue, green, and red trim as well.

  2. I have my grandfather's telephone table too - it was the ONE thing I HAD to have from his house and oh, I love it. One of his nurses said he promised it to her - it was almost a smackdown. Obviously I won! Don't ever get rid of it! And if you do, remember me! I would love to have another one. 8-)