Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally in the dryer

Oh dear – I don’t usually forget to move the wash to the dryer. But today was just one of those days. I did not sleep last night, not at all. Raye was up coughing ALL.NIGHT! And she spiked a fever, so this morning I decided the cough had gone on far too long and it was time to have it checked out. Not to mention, I heard on the news there was several confirmed cases of whooping cough in our county. Well, not only was it confirmed in our county – We have a confirmed case of whooping cough in our elementary school. That’s right, whooping cough - highly contagious – confirmed – in Raye’s school! Joy! Raye has all of the symptoms. I sent her to school – yeah, I did…we don’t have 100% proof that she has whooping cough – so to school she went. I did drug her up; she needed to make it till at least 9am. Don’t shake your finger at me; if she has whooping cough, she picked it up from school. AND besides it is too late to worry about sharing it at school, she’s past the point of no return. And besides, I taught my kids to share. I am kidding – sorta. So, back to the doctor visit, the nurse came in and asked her questions, took Raye’s temperature and left us to wait for the doctor. The doctor arrived and asked her questions and checked Raye out. She could not confirm whooping cough either because whooping cough can disguise itself into bronchitis and asthma. It can mimic symptoms. Great, so the doctor wrote out two scripts and sent the nurse back in to swab Raye’s nose…results in a week.

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  1. oh, I hope you all sleep tonight!