Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Part of the Family - 2

So, this is just one side of my dining room here in the rental. God, I want to paint badly – but I also have a practical side of me saying don’t spend money for paint in a rental – save it for garage sales, Michaels, thrift stores, etc. See – practical! Anyway, the table belonged to my great grandparents; it sat in their home a few blocks from the Chattahoochee River. I have photos of my dad and his parents spending the day on the river. There was no air condition in my great grandparent’s home. They lived in Phenix City, AL. It was HOT! And we visited quite often when I was little. And it was HOT! The lamp came from Overstock.com (said it was a Tiffany lamp – honestly I have no clue), the stained glass windows are from a local antique store here in Austin – they were a birthday gift quite a few years back. Yes, those are Longaberger baskets – bought when I lived in FL and that was about 12 years ago. The ferns are there just to hide the plug and the cord for the lamp. I have issues with wires – see blog about – crap in the corner. LOL I have a huge collection of old antique bottles and thought the little ones brought out the color in the stained glass window. The huge white thing is just from Hobby Lobby and the little angels are from a friend or family member – I’ve had them for a while, too. Oh yeah, the crock – I almost forgot – that was my grandmothers, she actually made a lamp out of it. The lamp was ugly, but I saw the beauty in the crock.

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