Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Foyer

See that off white churn on the floor? We became fast friends when I was younger; I earned my first set of stitches from that thing. Needless to say when my grandmother passed away that was the first thing I asked for. The oversized candle sticks were found at Big Lots and World Market on sale of course. The white picture frame came from an antique mall here in Austin. The hope chest is circa 1986 - every girl that graduated back then was given a hope chest. What I'm now wondering is - what in the hell was I suppose to hope for? LOL! The plant in the corner is a desert rose. It will be so pretty when it blooms! Google it - trust me!
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  1. Hey, girl, I love the way you decorate! It looks a lot like my living room.

    My trusty Sitemeter led me over, by the way ;) I'm a little sneaky or nosy. Actually, I'm totally sneaky and nosy. Thanks for the shout out on your blog roll!