Saturday, April 25, 2009

Delicious Meatless Dinner

Tonight’s dinner was brought to you by none other than The Pioneer Woman herself, no don’t be silly – she didn’t come to my house and cook and I haven’t been invited to the ranch yet. So until I get that special – very special invite, I have to make do on my own. I have tested several of her recipes, cinnamon rolls (heaven in my tummy), peach crisp with maple cream sauce (heaven on a plate), bbq meatballs, French breakfast puffs, beans and cornbread (I used Jiffy – shh), ginger steak salad, olive cheese bread, delicious chocolate pie, roasted beef, spicy shrimp, creamed spinach and potato wedges. All I can say – Mmmm. I made the cinnamon rolls for Christmas and gave them away – do you know how hard that was? I made the peach crisp for the fourth of July – do you know how hard that was to share? All I can say is - when you make something you double it, so you can have one at home. There’s no since sharing if you can’t have any! Trust me, it could turn ugly and your family will turn against you! THEY.WILL!

Tonight’s dinner was with my favorite vegetarian – actually he’s my only vegetarian. Justin loved the wedged potatoes and the creamed spinach and asked for it again. I think tonight’s dinner cost maybe $5. I don’t claim to be a cook by any means, but when my children ask me to make it again – that’s two thumbs up! Go Forth and Conquer!

Potato Wedges and Creamed Spinach

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