Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Proud Mama

Ya’ll I’ve been so busy this week. My oldest baby will be graduating high school this Sunday! I honestly can’t believe where time went, wasn’t he just in Kindergarten? Yes, he was, you can’t fool me! Seriously though ya’ll, he’s graduating high school, I have a child that is eighteen, where did time go? Yes, I’ve cried, I won’t lie to ya. I started crying about three weeks ago, it hit me and I cried. I cried like the first day I put him on the bus for kindergarten. This reminds me, I need to purchase waterproof mascara…making not to self. LOL So, I’ve been busy, labeling his announcements and stamping them – and searching for last minute addresses to let all of our friends know that Justin’s graduating! Well, we were limited to about 50 announcements. I have four left. I should have sent out evites! I also have a confession to make – We haven’t ordered his senior photos…I know, I suck.

I’m incredibly proud of Justin, he had his struggles, and he entertained summer school many times and was a regular in the credit recovery program the school offered but in the end he earned his diploma and that is all that matters. He did it his way, even though it was a wild and crazy path, he did it!

I am so very proud of you!

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