Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Did I Just Say

Just in my last post – I mentioned that I had a favorite Vegetarian, yep, I sure did. I had my very own favorite Vegetarian. I had him for a couple of years, too! I no longer got it out of my mouth and posted here - that he’s now decided to go Vegan, again. Yes, his journey started out as Vegan, and then decided he wanted to be a Vegetarian and now he’s up and decided to be Vegan again. I have no issues with him wanting to be Vegan or Vegetarian. I try to cook for him when possible and he does have the optional frozen meal. He is a healthy eater. I asked if he was going straight Vegan or the occasional Vegan. Look now, straight Vegan can cost a lot of moola. By straight Vegan, I mean – no leather (belts, shoes, etc)… occasional Vegan – food only, please lord, let him be an occasional Vegan. I love my Vegan!

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