Friday, June 12, 2009

Pssh - Don't Pass Out - I Blogged Twice - I Know

Oh yeah, one more quick post. I’m over my obsession of hunting for employment. I was totally stressing out and my body was not happy. So, for now, I’m giving that up and just focusing on summer. When I asked for prayers, you lifted me and I really did (and still do) appreciate the support. I think God has a different plan for me, after going on as many interviews as I did and not receiving one job offer…I have to believe there’s another plan for me. I know the economy stinks right now – and I know millions of people have been searching for employment for months, even years… I do have employment as a substitute, but there’s no guarantee I can sub every day. I was pounding the pavement for something that was fulltime that carried benefits. I’m not giving up – just taking a much needed break from the stress.

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