Sunday, May 31, 2009

Longing To Return

I have blogged on and off for a long time – years and years. I’m hoping to get my old blog up and running here soon. It’s kind of a mess at the moment – unloved, unappreciated, left out in the weather, lonely, longing to be used again. No, honestly the truth is, it is ugly at the moment. I started to redo it – and somewhere during that time my stomach was grumbling and needed a pick me up. So, I walked off to grab a snack and here it is years later – my tummy is happy, but my blog isn’t so much. I did keep my original domain. I’ve owned it for a long time and it still fits my “belongs at the beach” personality. So, hopefully I’ll “ahem” you’ll have access soon. It’s not that I don’t appreciate blogger, I do, however, I kind of feel like I’m missing something here. I’m missing years and years of blogging and photos of my kids, my decorating, the before and after transformations and tons of other stories. Soon grasshopper – Soon, the beachhouseview will continue…

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