Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2nd Craft Idea - Sneak Peak

I couldn’t wait to post a photo of my (not so) brilliant idea. LOL!! It’s not quite finished, but this gives you the idea. It didn’t start off the way I intended. I wanted it to be covered in red, white and blue scrapbook paper. I did that – but it didn’t have the look I wanted, but the texture of the red paper was really cool. In person it looks and feels like leather. I tore/cut all sizes of the red scrapbook paper – you can see the sewn in pattern. That pattern helps give the leather look and feel. I used the mod podge glue to glue the paper to the bottle and then each piece of paper (the top side of the paper - side you actually see). Once it was all dry – I had this really cool leather looking bottle. I’m not sure I’ll stuff a tapered candle in the top or not.

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Posted by Picasa

PS. Stay tuned for the finale ;)

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