Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Still Stuck

I’ve been job hunting since last September and most recently hunting every day. I search one site every day – all day. Go ahead, it’s ok to say it, I know you’re thinking it – I stalk this one site every day! I open every link and study what they are asking for before I jump and email them my resume (with all my personal information planted right on it), cover letter – pleading for them to hiring me. I’ve got a really business like cover letter and one that just says – look – I’m going to be honest with you, hire me, and teach this old dog. I kid you not! And you know what? I’ve got exactly 2 replies from that site and one was – thanks but no thanks. I started just applying for positions near me, but this last week I threw in my towel and started applying for positions near and far within reason. I still don’t want to be employed for $10 an hour and have to drive an hour to work. I think that kinda defeats my purpose. However, I am willing to accept that $10 plus full benefits as long as it is up north near me. Look, I’m separated and have a family to feed. I need something that works around my kids and their schools and their extracurricular activities. I do have to be somewhat picky, I’m sorry, but I do need weekends off.

I’m not completely unemployed, I am a substitute. I’ve subbed for the last five years for our district. Subbing is a job that has no guarantee. I’ve gone from subbing every day all day to hitting the search button all day every day just to find ONE half day job available.

So, that’s where I’ve sorta been this week. I’d much rather be immersed in my craft projects and decorating our rental – but to continue on that path, I need some sort of income. I do feel a bit of depression sneaking around my corner – like millions of other Americans. I’m trying to stay strong and positive. It is hard.

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