Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stand Off - Kitty Style

I guess I could blog about stuff other than gluing paper on bottles, but that’s boring – trust me, watch this.

Early this morning when Raye was getting ready for school, we noticed Whiskers, our rental neighbor’s kitty. He’s a sweet kitty; we really do enjoy having him hang out with us. We opted not to pay a pet deposit. So, it’s nice to have a pet without all the responsibilities, like changing the very smelly cat dropped a bomb litter. Now, I love my animals and I will have more, once we buy a house. But, anyway back to this morning – so Whiskers was just sitting on the sidewalk, so I called his name, but he didn’t come running like he usually does, he just sorta “well if I have to visit you, I will “ type of walk. But, he stopped half way…well ok; I guess he’s just not in the mood to really visit. Then I heard a growl and I walked further out of the garage and there he was the black cat. I’m not sure of his name; he looks like the cat on Sabrina. Oh, wait, wait – it was Salem. Yeah, so Salem was growling and Whiskers is just so laid back…not wanting to cause any issues, he stayed near the bottom of our driveway and allowed Salem to growl. We left for school and when I got back, Salem was standing on one of the rocks in our yard, while poor Whiskers sat in the driveway. I guess they handled their business, by the time I left and came back from dropping the boys, the cats were both gone. I wonder who won the stand off?

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