Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yard Sale -

I think I totally forgot to tell ya’ll about the yard sale I stopped at a few weeks ago. It wasn’t very big, so it was easy to notice things from the road. I saw a brass headboard leaning up against a very nasty mattress can I get a eww! So, we stopped, I walked around with nothing else really jumping out at me. I made my way over to the nasty mattress seriously what the hell? Who doesn’t see how nasty it is and decides, I think we’ll put this in the yard sale EWW

Anyway I’m standing there reading the “sale sign” and I quote “mattress, box springs and brass headboard 75 dollars” So, I think to myself, surely they can’t mean the headboard is the expense of the “set” or do they?

I find someone and ask and oh my heck the woman says “how about 50 dollars for the headboard?” I think the expression on my face was saying what the hell did you just say, because she says to me well it is only the first day.

I said good luck with that and mumbled something to myself on the way to the car empty handed.

PS the headboard was rusted I really, seriously thought she would have said something in the less than 20 dollar range but 50laughs! LOL

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  1. Surprising, isn't it, what people think is valuable. Hell, my time is worth more than that!