Friday, August 7, 2009

LG Fridge Repair - Take One

Here we are the LG repairman just left, his name was Edgar and he works for the Geek Squad aka Best Buy.

About two years ago I picked out a new fridge with all the bells and whistles or so I thought. I mean, just how many bells and whistles can you get with a fridge? So, anyway it was the newer type fridge on top with double doors and freezer drawer on the bottom. I soon learned that I truly hated the freezer drawer. The water and icemaker are on the outside of the doorthat was a must have!

Fast forward several months, our brand new fridge started behaving like some sort of gremlin was living in the icemaker. If you wanted crushed, you got whole cubes, if you wanted whole cubes, you got crushed. AND there was a time that you couldn’t get either why, you ask? Let me tell you because it was FROZEN!! So thankfully we decided to purchase the extended warranty, it’s been well used. That fridge lives in another house and has been repaired three times now the fourth is coming next Tuesday. The whole door is being replaced - because ya know that'll work...

Now the fridge that got repaired today is also a LG don’t judge meit’s a side by side, I didn’t think we’d have the same issues as the one above. BUT golly molly the same gremlin lives in this one.

I originally chose the LG because their washer and dryer was top of the line (I actually own the Maytag Neptune) well, I’ve learned a lesson.TWICE OKI hear you

The end -

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