Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My First Green Monster

I started this morning off with a Tassimo latte – probably not the healthiest, oh well. I sat here and relaxed and watched the Today Show.

Then – it was time to make it…

Make what?

It was time to make my first Green Monster – I’ve never been one to drink much less make health drinks.

I bought my supplies yesterday at the grocery store to include supplies for homemade hummus.

I made the hummus last night – I used canned beans ya’ll – I was in a hurry and wanted hummus NOW! It was delicious! I will make hummus from now on. I need to learn to make pita chips to go with it. Everyone here loved it – recipe was from Oh She Glows.

Now back to this morning – it is time for me to get off of Angela’s blog and steam the spinach and toss everything in the blender – now I ain’t gonna lie – I was a little worried ya’ll – it was GREEN…like Kermit GREEN! The one I tried had banana and peanut butter in it – and that is what it tasted like! I kid ya’ll not!

So, after I sucked that down – I actually felt great, like all of a sudden I had energy. I made another grocery list and ran back to the store – gonna try a few more of Angela’s recipes. I’m really excited – here I am, eating vegan dishes and actually enjoying them.

- I'm not vegan - yet. I realized the latte wasn't soy milk...don't point your finger at me! LOL

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