Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cupcakes or Cheesecake Pops

So a while back I saw a cheesecake pops recipe on Bakerella’s site and thought I’d make and send them in for Matt’s Texas National Guard Unit well, friends, time got in the way. Life gets crazy sometimes. I didn’t forget, but it is all kinds of hard trying to mix a thick batter using just a cheap o hand mixer. Cheap o hand mixer that cost $6 using a grocery store coupon. A lot of my baking was stopped like the parking lot on MOPAC at 5:18pm on Friday. After trying to use the hand mixer and having it lock up on me and smell of burnt plastic I went shopping and was told to pick out a stand mixer. YAY! Let us fast forward to last week, and this is what was said. “My unit was assigned desserts!” (Honestly, I think they know about my baking and “they” assigned Matt’s unit desserts for a reason or I’d like to believe that don’t rain on my parade!) The Heavens opened up and I heard the angels sing I LOVE TO BAKE!! So I’ve been told I need to bake something for an upcoming event for his unit. I’ve decided against the original (maybe not...I can't make my mind up) plan but still opting for cupcakes I have two different recipes in mind. The first being the Malted Milk Balls Cupcakes and the second is one a friend just made - Key Lime Pie Cupcakes with Coconut Meringue (found in the cake mix doctor cupcake cookbook).

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