Saturday, September 4, 2010

today we bought a barbie

And not that kinda of barbie - this one you grill on! I guess, you could grill barbie on the barbie but, I think that would be a sticky mess!! LOL

We were going to Lowe's for something unrelated to a grill...but when we pulled up - there was a beautiful yellow sign sitting on a bunch of Char-Broil grills. It read 20% off on certain Char-Broil grills. Char-Broil is from my hometown. My two requests were - that it be a Char-Broil and Infrared. I didn't ask for much! Yeah, I live in Texas, but I like to support my hometown when I can!

Our first run was steak and shrimp that we picked up at the Cedar Park Farms to Market this morning. We also wrapped up five ears of corn with butter, salt and pepper. And did five burgers! Great first run, everything was cooked evenly!

I was in a total food coma after dinner...

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