Monday, August 2, 2010

Update :)

I am back in school - started Le Cordon Bleu in May and I'm loving it! I'll finish up this certificate in December. I'm not sure what I'll do after I'm done - I may continue in another certificate or start working. I'll share pictures, soon...need to get them uploaded.

We really haven't done much in the decor around here - I just haven't had much time. School has me busy - unfortunately the house decor took a huge hit! LOL

We did repaint the ceiling in the master bathroom - it was mauve (don't judge me! LOL) is white again. Still need to paint the master bedroom ceiling - it's the same lovely shade of mauve. I know...really, who paints the ceiling mauve?! Who paints ceilings?

We finally painted Raye's two walls Tiffany blue - she wants the other two walls to be green. We still need to pick that green out!

The puppy is still driving me crazy - he's chewed carpet, comforters (we have feathers ALL.OVER.THE.HOUSE!) He also stole an uncooked burger and steak off the counter the other night! He's now sleeping in the crate because he can't behave while we run errands.

My oldest is also going to Le Cordon Bleu - it is because of him, that I am there!

My middle child is in summer school working hard to get caught up so that he can be a senior! I can't believe I'll have only one child in school after this year! And she'll be in the eighth grade next year. I blinked and she went from preschool to 8th grade. I still remember dropping her off at preschool and picking her up. She loved her preschool!

I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in so long - trying to stay caught up with all the house stuff (laundry - oh yeah, I wear a cute uniform and cap...and lovely black shoes that my feet hate)...I'm going to try and make time to blog - I would like to have a journal of my time in school.

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