Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

We got started really late today. As in we were at the store buying the whole chicken at two o'clock!

I fabricated two chickens (and fried the livers up for the dogs to enjoy) and marinated them for the grill. That took a little longer than I expected - but they were yummy!

I had promised my vegan son that I'd have food ready for him before he headed off to work. Well, I started his polenta - butter to sautee the onions. Neither of us even noticed until I started to add parmesan. Ooops! So, I made that batch for the family. AND he found a frozen vegan meal in the freezer - I felt bad. I sent him off to work and remined him to swing by on his way home. As promised, I had his grilled portobello mushrooms and a fresh batch of vegan polenta ready to be picked up.

No, I did not soak beans over night and I did not baked the beans - they sell bbq beans in a can for a reason.

And I made rice pudding - by scratch, and I may have used every drop of milk in the house.

So, that was our Labor Day - I cooked myself silly with all my time issues - need to work on that!

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