Friday, December 25, 2009

Sweet Gift

I had quite a nice Christmas. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it was bumpy – but ended up being really nice. However, for some reason, Christmas is still not there for me. It’s a little empty lately and I can’t seem to put my finger on it – the reason for the season is still here – just something else is missing. I probably need therapy; well those that know me would say that I do need therapy! LOL!

So anyway – the whole reason for this post is to share my favorite gift. The very first time I saw this was on Oprah. But Oprah, had a different version on her show, she had the Kindle. I got the Sony Reader, the Touch Edition. I saw the Kindle on Oprah years ago, at least two years ago, I think. Since then I’ve gone back and forth, reading, researching, going to the Sony Style store, etc… And, I decided back then, that when I did get one, I wanted the Sony Reader. I’ve heard stories on the differences, and now Barnes and Noble have one, too, however, I’ve heard that their version will not be available until February. One big huge factor was that I could go to the Sony store and hold the Sony Reader, I could touch it and play with it – I could not do that with the Kindle.

Thank you, Matt for getting me the Sony Reader! Yes, you can borrow it!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about a very special gift that my daughter made just for me! I might even include a photo if I can find my sd card.

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