Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Holidays

I finally got the tree decorated, we've only had it since Thanksgiving weekend. We actually bought the very first tree off the lot.

It is huge! The ceiling in the living room is about 12 feet, I think. The rest of the house has the standard 8 ft ceilings, except for the master bedroom.

I need to charge my digi.

Yes, I know you're all sitting here thinking - Are you unpacked yet? And that answer would be, no. I'm working on it - my excuse - holidays and holidays! I did some actual work in the master bedroom tonight - I unpacked a ripped bag and 2 more boxes. I folded laundry, too. LOL

We have a room that I'll be using as an office/craft room - and right now it full of pictures and boxes and craft supplies...I need shelves.

So, yeah - I'm still here, I'm still reading your blog and I'm still making notes on things I want to do - decor and craft wise.

Sorry for not being here...

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