Monday, December 28, 2009

Planning for Next Christmas

This year we bought a very tall real tree, because we have very tall ceilings in the living room. Just one issue with that, I didn’t have enough lights or ornaments or ribbon – one side of the tree was naked.

I decided after three days of decorating this one tree that next year we would not be buying anything that large again. Instead of having a calendar count down for Santa to come – I had a calendar count down for removing the tree from the house. I had had enough – sadly, I know, but I was tired of the tree this year. I only have iphone photos of the tree and just with my daughter, my boys never made it to the photo session! LOL

Christmas is mostly removed from the house; it will be all packed up and ready for the attic this week.

Tonight at Target, I found two 6 ft, non pre-lighted artificial trees for next year. I wanted trees without lights for a reason; we have several strands of LED lights – brand new. So, next year we’ll have two trees, one snowman and the other one, I haven’t made my decision yet – I’m thinking about ALL handmade ornaments. If I do all homemade, I’m gonna have to get busy! Oh, I just had a brilliant idea for a garland for the snowman tree – note to self – buy blue, white, and silver ribbon, and glue gun and sticks!

Also, since the artificial trees are short, I’ll need to plan for a table or chest - for the one in the living room to sit on, so that everyone outside can see it. It’ll look lost in that huge living room.

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  1. Love the pre-planning for next year's Christmas!!!

    (Yes, the snowmen were HUGE ... the only reason we didn't make a whole family of them was because we ran out of time!)