Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Can Cook - I Admit It

I’m not a chef, however lately I’m finding out that I can actually cook! Now, don’t go getting all excited, just because I’m admitting that I can cook, it does not mean I love to cook. But, I wanted to share with you all some of the things that I’ve forced on my family tried out lately. I’m one, that hates trying something new and having it turn out like a piece of baked crayon!

For Christmas, I borrowed several recipes from a couple of blogs and foodtv.

I baked my very first ham, using Big Daddy's Spiral Ham recipe – ya’ll the ham was to die for, it was lip smacking, finger licking yummy! Did ya’ll hear me – I baked my VERY FIRST ham! I’m forty-one! This ham will have a special place in my recipe folder! Thank you, Aaron McCargo!

I shared the Whiskey-Glazed Carrots, I found on the Pioneer Woman’s blog. This was the second time I made them and they are delish – this coming from a person that does not like carrots – AT.ALL!

I also borrowed Ree’s Dinner Roll recipe again – I’ll be honest, the first time I made them, they did not turn out – it was Thanksgiving and it was sad! I decided to give them another try, this time I made the dough up the night before and took my time – ya’ll, the yeast rolls need a lot of time – don’t be rushing. They were SO yummy!!!

And lastly, I borrowed a very yummy Ultimate Creamed Corn recipe – ya’ll, there was nothing left – I should have doubled it! My vegetarian loved them – he loved the whiskey glazed carrots, too!

So, here ya go – I don’t have any pictures for proof – just trust me! I’ll be making everything again!

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