Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Spring

We have been busy

- My oldest son started Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Austin, he'll be done in 15 short months!

- My youngest decided she wanted to be a cheerleader in middle school (we've had meetings and a workshop AND started a cookie dough fundraiser)

- My middle child...doesn't have anything going on right now - his time is coming though...he'll be in summer school...

- and me? Well, I celebrated my 42 birthday about a week ago.

- the puppy is still driving me crazy!!

- he's now pulling food off the counters - chocolate doughnuts, shredded cheese and blueberry muffins...

- I'm still working on something - I may have finally decided what I want to be when I grow fingers crossed that I'll be able to arrange my schedule to fit everything.

- with that decision, I've decided to give up job hunting in the field of office admin - YAY!!! I'm done with the admin field! And I'm pretty excited with that decision, since I wasn't getting anywhere fast...EVER - there is NO money in Admin...and really how happy would a creative mind be sitting in an office. So, after 20 some odd years of being in/out of that field...I'M DONE!

- I hate wood floors or maybe it is the combo of dogs and wood floors...

- we painted the family room and the kitchen (still waiting to pick curtains or fabric out before pics will be taken)

- got a new ceiling fan for the family room

- we bought some indoor plants and a few herbs (I found the cutest white pots at TJMaxx)

- we also bought three red tips for the backyard - the puppy ate one of them...ugh

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