Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bathroom on a budget

I put decorating this house on hold - I don't know why, it just happened. We moved in here a year ago last November...and the only thing we've done is paint the kitchen and family room - which I'm not liking anymore.

So, I decided last week that I needed to make this house feel like our home. I started digging through the boxes and crates and found enough odds and ends and pictures...

I give you the animal kingdom bathroom. The walls were already elephant grey. I feel like I decorated an elephant. LOL!

I'm not quite finished - there is a floor to ceiling window (I need a curtain rod for a valance I made years ago - coffee dyed material) I had a huge bay window in my Orlando house...that I made the valance for.

1 comment:

  1. im adoring your bathroom decor!!! it's cute yet not too whimsical! just perfect! even love the paint color! i was just telling my fiance to change the bathroom paint to dove gray...i think it would look fab! :)