Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reading Log - Do I get points for reading?

Look – have you ever needed to reboot your laptop but just couldn’t because you found a new blog to read and you’re in the middle of it and its like years and years of reading and you just can’t – JUST CAN’T reboot just yet? I found that blog! I’m in the middle of 2008 and I need to reboot my laptop, but I can’t! I refuse to reboot until I am finished reading, soaking in every morsel of her blog. It is very entertaining and yes, I have added her to my daily read. I’m also heading to the grocery store because she posted a recipe for making chalk! Guess what I’m doing soon?

Yep - I know, I still owe a photo of the cupcakes. Yes, we did make them - but my family decided against the homemade chocolate frosting - the total horror! They are not my family!

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