Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Old Blogger

Yep, I'm an old blogger, not just in age (hardy har har), but...I've blogged before. I blogged before you could make money blogging, guess that makes me an old school blogger. I also blogged for money...and then I quit blogging for money. It became difficult. And then I quit blogging. I do/did have my own domain for years and years. I probably won't get to use it to blog...personal reasons.

So, anyway... I'm here to bore you all to death. I don't have any free give aways, at least not yet... unless you want an empty box of caprisun? I can dig that out of the recycle bin if you really want it? Oh wait...it rained and it rained hard. I no longer have the empty box of caprisun to give away.

I hope to meet new bloggers and find time to read my old time bloggers…from back in the day. I hope to make my blog all pretty and cool…when I have time. I admit, I have been obsessive over decorating my blogs in the past. I’m a plain and simple kind of girl. I hope to express that…

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