Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ten Days Ago

Whoa look, I haven’t been here in a few days – but guess what? I’ve been busy, yep, I spent my time organizing the Christmas stuff and, I actually put the containers and boxes up in the attic – gasp – yeah, I know! I also put the Thanksgiving container in the attic! I’m on the ball ya’ll!! I need to find a container for my Halloween stuff and then that’ll be up there, too.

I’ve got a few ideas rolling around in my head – don’t know where I want to start…

- Clean the office/craft room (working on)

- Pick out paint colors

- Work on new craft ideas

- Find a job

- Finish unpacking the moving boxes (unpacked 2 boxes)

- Take a nap (done)

Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Gonna Be A Rockstar!

This is Rocky - he'll soon be about 75 lbs. Hopefully by then he will have mastered using the outside potty instead of my living room. Thankfully he's cute - he also loves to take naps in my lap.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Like Having A Toddler In The House - Again

Oh my lord – we bought a puppy today

He had an accident

The smell crawled all the way up the stairs and grabbed me by my throat – and squeezed hard. The poor thing pooped in his crate – this is why I’m awake at 1 in the morning. It was horrible – I don’t do puppy poop, I don’t do toddler poop either – I gagged!

And while we’re at it – for the record, I don’t do throw up either

His name is Rocky – he’s a four month old pit bull

Photos to come soon – if he ever sits still

And if I ever find my sd card for my camera