Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Spirits

Something I came up with - refurburishing a wine bottle, scrapbook paper, and mod podge.

I actually got the idea from Martha Stewarts wine labels - I can't afford to buy them (no, they aren't that expensive, I'm just cheap
- way too talented to purchase hers
- so I came up with my own. I have two more Halloween Spirit bottles in the works - one orange and one black...check back to see them.

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Searching Again -

It wasn't meant to be -

It is ok - even though I had this foreclosure decorated

- in my mind.

It wasn't meant to be - there was something nagging at me about it.

Something about that house - JUST wasn't right.

Well, besides missing ALL of the appliances.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Project Update

I know, I said I’d snap a photo of all my projects that I’ve got going on – well, it rained and it was dark in the house – no, really – it rained.

I was lazy –

Remember, I said I can multi-task! I can’t help myself! I started another project. Today, we went to Michaels to replenish my sliver glitter so that I can finish my Halloween garland. I also picked up the Halloween ribbon to finish it off.

So, now I have another Halloween project on the burner that I am so excited about – I can tell you it is a takeoff from the Country Living – Halloween 101 Ideas – but my version.

I’m really excited to see the finished project – ok, PROJECTS!

I promise!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Can Multi-Task

At one point today, I started to get up and snap a few photos of the many projects going on in my house. And I do mean many – as a reminder that things need to get done. They will, I just want them done now – or yesterday. So, tomorrow I will snap a few photos of the many projects I need to finish up – pending funds. LOL!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking Good

Remember this post - it wasn't that long ago! LOL

Well - pending the inspection - which should hopefully go well - it is ours!

Monday, September 7, 2009

To Do List

1. Finish blue bottle

2. Finish Halloween glitter project

3. Buy 42 x 42 piece of wood (decide blue or red) (I've got my letters printed)

4. Measure for mirror (ohhh what a great idea I have)

5. Work on other Halloween projects (need to get moving on these)

6. Chalkboard – ideas

Friday, September 4, 2009

Going On

I bet you thought I quit blogging again! And I know I keep blaming things on a busy life I’m not that busyas you might have guessed.

The kids just finished their second week of school and I was able to grab two sub days half days. I have first day photos that I need to load so that I can share them with ya’ll. Hopefully this coming week.

I also need to finish the Halloween project I’ve been working on we have glitter EVERYWHERE! Again Hopefully this coming week or by next payday! LOL

And, I was hoping to move my blog or at least combine this blog with my very old blog I haven’t forgotten! It just got moved to the back burner.

Picasa - Collage Banners

Who knew it was that easy and fast using Picasa - to make a blog collage banner. Here is my 4 minute banner- the photos have nothing to do with each other ... just me using what I could find. It never used to be this easy - I struggled with codes and codes - did I mention codes? AND just when I learned how to do it - programs changed - I don't do change - LOL

So anyway - I'd like to thank Sarah over at Clover Lane - she took the time to explain how to - step by step for all of us - Thank you!