Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cupcakes Make The World Smile

Heads up – we’re baking tomorrow or shall I say, we’re going to attempt to bake tomorrow. Raye loves to make strawberry cupcakes. I’m going to make chocolate icing for them this time. I’ll post photos as the day goes.

I've Got Nothing

So – that’s where I’ve been – kinda in a funk again.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Eyes Wide Shut - Almost

Raye has gymnastics tonight; I’m trying to figure out just how I’m going to keep my eyes open! I am exhausted. I’m sure it is just the weather. I sure could use a nap…but that won’t be happening. Onward and Upward!

Hi, I see you visited - again

I’m feeling a little watched lately. I see certain cities (one in particular) pop up in my stats and have to wonder…if you come to read why not comment? I have not advertised my blog to people in that city; actually, I haven’t advertised THIS blog at all. I started it out new – fresh start. I’m not paranoid; if I was I’d just stop blogging here and move to another blog.

I hope to eventually get all of my blogs combined in one place. I’m slowly but surely working on that. Soon, I hope – SOON!

PS. Comment, I don’t bite!

edited - HI!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Did I Just Say

Just in my last post – I mentioned that I had a favorite Vegetarian, yep, I sure did. I had my very own favorite Vegetarian. I had him for a couple of years, too! I no longer got it out of my mouth and posted here - that he’s now decided to go Vegan, again. Yes, his journey started out as Vegan, and then decided he wanted to be a Vegetarian and now he’s up and decided to be Vegan again. I have no issues with him wanting to be Vegan or Vegetarian. I try to cook for him when possible and he does have the optional frozen meal. He is a healthy eater. I asked if he was going straight Vegan or the occasional Vegan. Look now, straight Vegan can cost a lot of moola. By straight Vegan, I mean – no leather (belts, shoes, etc)… occasional Vegan – food only, please lord, let him be an occasional Vegan. I love my Vegan!

Garlic Butter Cheese Bread

Dinner last night was cheese stuffed shells and garlic butter cheese bread. My favorite vegetarian ate six, cheese stuffed shells. I’m also pretty sure he had a piece of the bread. Who can pass up the garlic butter cheese bread? Honestly, where does he put the food? I was stuffed slap full after eating just three shells and one piece of bread.
My other favorite son made brownies last night. This one has a love hate affair with cheese, so he fought the shells and ate frozen chicken nuggets with Emeril sauce. Look, I don’t judge him, but he ain’t mine – can’t be mine. I love cheese! Cheese is a meal in my mind!
Now it’s another night and I have no idea what dinner will be. I wanted to cook, I found a chicken recipe, but it just didn’t do it for me. I hate when nothing sounds good. I’m just not in the mood for anything – sigh.
Raye is off spending time with her friend. I haven’t seen her in two nights. She asked that I pick her up before gymnastics. LOL!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Apartment - Lease House - Own House

I’m gonna ask because I’m tired of all the searching and time wasting it has caused us. I haven’t lived in an apartment since I moved out of Florida. I only lived in an apartment for one year. I have lived in several leased homes, two here in Texas and several growing up in Georgia. Now, my question to you is, what do you prefer if you have no other choices? Of course our choice would be to own, but even with the crazy economy here, owning a home may not work out for us. The price range that is affordable is very tiny living space. I’m really ok with tiny, most of the apartments we looked at in our range were on the small side. Apartments have some advantages, no grass to mow, fitness center and pools to enjoy. They also have some disadvantages, being that you know everything your neighbors are up to and they know your business, too. I prefer not to hear them – AT ALL. Leasing a house has a few advantages, for one it is a house; you’re not connected to another. The disadvantages, you have a yard to maintain, and some sort of landlord/management company (apartments have management companies, too) to deal with. In our case, our landlord lives across the street. Yes, THE landlord. The person that OWNS this house! I kid you not! I was not thrilled to hear that, it was not discussed during the trips to see the house. He listed it with a management company, but they have NOTHING to do with the house! The only thing they did was the credit check and the application. The owner was asked not to pester us, unfortunately that fell on deaf ears. He claimed he would only walk through the yard every 30 days. I can’t remember the last time that he was NOT in the yard! I can’t open the windows for fear he has someone in the yard looking at the gutters, the roof, the fireplace, etc…for pete sakes, I’m losing my mind. It’s like living in an apartment!

We’re not leasing this house another year and we are not buying this house. It was on the market before the owner decided to lease it. That’s another whole issue. Remember the movie, The Money Pit? Yeah, that’s this house – lots and lots of issues. I doubt it would pass the inspection.

Our lease is up in November. We’ve looked at several apartments; we’ve looked at older homes (I’ve purchased two older homes here in Texas – still own one but that’s another story and not an option) on the market and new home builders (I built a home in Florida). With the new homes, their advantage is that they are new. With the older homes, the advantage is they might have some character the newer homes never have, plus we can afford to add a few updates. And, well you know my theory on apartments.

I’m just so tired of looking and time is closing in. Hmmm, I wonder if this stress is causing the itching.

If you read my blog and have any pros/cons please let me know what you think. I really know we should own if possible.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Itching - Must Relax

Oh my heck – I’m broken, (not hives I went to the doctor last time, a few weeks ago and we learned then it’s not hives) out again! What the…it must be stressed related – I’ve not done much around here to make it anything else?! I’m itching in all the same areas as before – arms and legs – no other areas. I still haven’t changed laundry detergent or softener. I’m using the same lotions, I’ve used before. I’m wearing the same perfume as before. I’m still eating all the same foods as before. I just can’t for the life of me figure this one out…other than it must, has to be stress related. I need to unwind; I need to let things go…yeah, that’s easy to say. I guess my body doesn’t agree with the way I handle things lately. I need more crafting time! I need more ME time! I have several books I need to finish…I would love to sit outside in a comfy chair and read under the many trees we have. Lots of shade to relax and unwind under…lots of birds, too! LOL

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pssh - Don't Pass Out - I Blogged Twice - I Know

Oh yeah, one more quick post. I’m over my obsession of hunting for employment. I was totally stressing out and my body was not happy. So, for now, I’m giving that up and just focusing on summer. When I asked for prayers, you lifted me and I really did (and still do) appreciate the support. I think God has a different plan for me, after going on as many interviews as I did and not receiving one job offer…I have to believe there’s another plan for me. I know the economy stinks right now – and I know millions of people have been searching for employment for months, even years… I do have employment as a substitute, but there’s no guarantee I can sub every day. I was pounding the pavement for something that was fulltime that carried benefits. I’m not giving up – just taking a much needed break from the stress.

5th Grade Graduation

Yes, I’m still around here. :::blows dust off::: Last week was way too busy. I nearly forgot to let ya’ll know – my baby girl graduated 5th grade on Friday (that's last Friday ya'll - LOL). That was the start to a long weekend. I soon realized I no longer have a child in elementary school. I have a middle school child and one high school child…because one of them graduated. I’ll admit it, I cried at Raye’s graduation, every time I looked at a teacher or saw one of her friends – I cried. It seems like yesterday she was crossing the street to start kindergarten.

She has the cutest friends; they became friends in first grade and still hang out together. I hope they continue to remain close through middle and high school. Anyway – the 5th grade graduation started out with them walking the halls of the elementary school, and then they met in the lunchroom for the signing of the yearbooks, back to the classroom for the diploma hand outs and a surprised autograph from Colt McCoy (oh lord – he was born the year I graduated from high school)! HOOK’EM HORNS!! After all the tears and hugs, the girls all spent the night together. Graduation was so much fun!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Proud Mama

Ya’ll I’ve been so busy this week. My oldest baby will be graduating high school this Sunday! I honestly can’t believe where time went, wasn’t he just in Kindergarten? Yes, he was, you can’t fool me! Seriously though ya’ll, he’s graduating high school, I have a child that is eighteen, where did time go? Yes, I’ve cried, I won’t lie to ya. I started crying about three weeks ago, it hit me and I cried. I cried like the first day I put him on the bus for kindergarten. This reminds me, I need to purchase waterproof mascara…making not to self. LOL So, I’ve been busy, labeling his announcements and stamping them – and searching for last minute addresses to let all of our friends know that Justin’s graduating! Well, we were limited to about 50 announcements. I have four left. I should have sent out evites! I also have a confession to make – We haven’t ordered his senior photos…I know, I suck.

I’m incredibly proud of Justin, he had his struggles, and he entertained summer school many times and was a regular in the credit recovery program the school offered but in the end he earned his diploma and that is all that matters. He did it his way, even though it was a wild and crazy path, he did it!

I am so very proud of you!